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Joslin Hall Rare Books – Furniture & Cabinetmakers

joslin Joslin Hall Rare Books   Furniture & Cabinetmakers

joslin Joslin Hall Rare Books   Furniture & Cabinetmakers
For those of you who collect books on antique furniture and cabinetmaking, you may want to call Joslin Hall Rare Books and have them send you this catalog, number 313.

It just arrived in the mail yesterday and it has 41 pages of 288 books dating back from the 1800s to present. I spotted about 3 books relating to 19th century furniture that I purchased and a few others that I couldn’t justify spending the money on, but would love to have.

Rather than ordering the catalog, you can peruse the full list of books here at their website.

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  • Bart - July 18, 2008

    They have some great books but $400.00 for a copy of “British Campaign Furniture: Elegance under canvas 1740-1914”? Our local Boarders couldn’t give this book away five years ago. I ended up purchasing three copies for $15 each. Wish I still had the other two now…..

  • Woodwright - July 19, 2008

    If you see a book that interests you, but the price seems high/ out of line – copy the title and paste it to a search on http://www.google.com , http://www.ebay.com , http://www.amazon.com , http://www.abebooks.com … etc. You will frequently find the same book elsewhere sometimes for significantly less. I found the book mentioned above (Campaign Furniture: Elegance under canvas 1740-1914 – $400.00 @ Joslin Hall Rare Books) on the web for $46.00. A copy just sold on ebay for $96.00. It can pay to shop around and see what is available elsewhere. woodwright

  • james conrad - July 20, 2008

    agreed, i just bought a new copy of Southern Furniture 1680-1830 for $75 bucks at amazon. Most other book vendors wanted hundreds of dollars for a used copy so it absolutely pays to shop for books.

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