J & JW Meeks Laminated Rosewood Marble Top Table

by John Werry on July 9, 2008

J JW Meeks Rococo Laminated Rosewood Table

Ferrell Auction Co. is selling the above pierce-carved, signed, J & JW Meeks Rococo parlor table.  We can date the table to 1836-1855 due to the 14 Vesey St. address included in the stamp.

There is a wide range of prices realized for signed Meeks Rococo tables, starting from $4,000 on up to $40,000 for the top of the line with the flower basket stretcher finials.  A table like the one above sold for $5,000 in 2006 and either wasn’t signed or they did not notice it as the description wavers between an attribution to Belter or Meeks.

The table will sell on July 12th with bidding starting at $2,000 and expected range of $4,000 to $8,000.  More at the listing.

J & JW Meeks Stencil Stamp Signature

Ferrell has a few more Meeks pieces up for sale as well.  This Rosewood, inlaid checkerboard table is also signed and is from the same location and era as the table above.  They are anticipating a $3,000 to $6,000 sale .

Meeks inlaid checkerboard table

This five-piece Hawkins pattern by Meeks will also be sold with an anticipated $35,000 to $55,000 price  range.  One sold in November 2007 for $40,000 while another 4-piece set sold previously for $13,501 in October 2006.

Meeks Hawkins Pattern Parlor Set

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