Rare Victorian - Hunzinger and Merklen Reproductions

Hunzinger and Merklen Reproductions

3505 1 lg Hunzinger and Merklen Reproductions

3505 1 lg Hunzinger and Merklen Reproductions

If you remember this post a while back, I spotted this chair that looked out of place and ran a contest to see who could figure out what was different about it.  There were many responses in the comments section and many knew that it looked like a Merklen chair and that the brass elements were conspicuously missing.  The authentic antique chair can be seen in the image here.

Paul Tucker contacted me recently and let me know that Tom Webster was dead on right in knowing that this was a reproduction.  Not only are these chairs being sold “new in box”, but so are Merklen style tables (sold under the wrong name, Hunzinger) and Hunzinger lollipop chairs.

Thanks, Paul, for the heads up and Tom for the sharp eye.

On a separate note, if anyone is getting “banned IP” messages, I’m having a sporadic issue with security software that I use to keep out people trying to spam the site with fake comments.  If you continue to get it and are willing to work with me live on the phone to try and resolve it, please get in contact with me.  No, I’m not really banning any of you!

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  • james conrad - July 30, 2008

    Hmmm, well, they are being marketed as reproductions so i dont see anything wrong with this.

  • RareVictorian - July 30, 2008

    I agree. Nothing wrong with reproductions as long as they’re stated as such. I’m a bit lukewarm on how this one got sold as “in the manner of” which to me is an antique industry phrase implying period – not new.

  • james conrad - August 1, 2008

    Yeah, “in the manner of” is a description i have not come across. Most of the houses i follow use the term “Style” to identify a non period piece, “chippendale style” as opposed to chippendale.

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