Rare Victorian - Gorham Leaded Glass Table Lamp – ca. 1903

Gorham Leaded Glass Table Lamp – ca. 1903

img 1367 Gorham Leaded Glass Table Lamp   ca. 1903

img 1367 Gorham Leaded Glass Table Lamp   ca. 1903

I enjoy surrounding my antique furniture with antique lighting and if you are a collector lamps as well, you may be interested in this Gorham leaded glass table lamp.  Gorham is not a name you hear often due to the scarcity of their lamps but they were a maker on par with the Tiffanys and the Handels of the time.  They were known for extremely thin lead lines which was difficult and expensive to make.

The base is bronze and has a great verdigris patina.  I’ve been able to date it to approximately 1903 or 1904 due to the version of Hubbell sockets on the lamp.  Thanks to Drew in the forum for letting us know about a great resource for researching antique sockets.

I am selling it on Ebay in a 10-day auction as I write this, but may be pulling it early due to an offline offer.  I plan to be putting a Pairpoint and Handel up in the coming days as well.

In other news, the national newspaper article about the current state of the Victorian antique market is coming out next Friday and Rare Victorian will likely be mentioned and two of my photos may be included.  I’ve not been exposed to the full content of the article – only my blurb – so I don’t know what the overall message of the article is for sure, but I get the sense it will be pointing out that it is a good time to be buying Victorian antiques.  It will be nice to see an article in mainstream media about our favorite niche.

Check this site Friday the 11th and I’ll let you know more about the article when it is out.

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