Rare Victorian - Victorian Timewarp

Victorian Timewarp

I ran across this article about a man and his family that lived in a 150 year old, 17 room home untouched by time with no heat or electricity.  His advice to friends and family to deal with the lack of heat: “move energetically and dress warmly”.  You can read the full story and see the photos here.

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  • james conrad - June 8, 2008

    well, i have just 1 question, how about the bathrooms? considering that modern plumbing is what seperates us from the third world, how did he deal with that?

  • Emeriol - June 9, 2008

    Unless you have a well, modern plumbing works without power to your house! 🙂 … however, if you don’t have heat, your pipes will freeze. Best just to use the out-house!

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