Rare Victorian - Survey: Please Help Me Make Rare Victorian The Best It Can Be

Survey: Please Help Me Make Rare Victorian The Best It Can Be

Please help me continue to fine-tune Rare Victorian to the needs of it’s visitors!  I really care about what you think about the site and want to hear what you have to say about it – criticisms, suggestions, and praise!

Please take this anonymous survey and share your thoughts with me!  Click here.

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  • Raymond - June 19, 2008

    Hi! My name is Raymond (“Everybody Loves Raymond!), and I thoroughly enjoy Rare Victorian.
    I have collected antiques now for 20 years, and I find your information not only fascinating and interesting, but valuable.
    I am presently acquiring two John Belter side chairs (scroll pattern); I simply love his work which I consider masterpieces.
    Keep up the good work!

  • RareVictorian - June 19, 2008

    Thanks Raymond. Glad you get something out of the site.

  • Mike - June 19, 2008

    First, I get a lot out of reading your site. As a dealer, I am constantly bombarded with lower quality Victorian antiques – while that is the typical take of a backwoods Pennsylvania dealer, it is always good to keep a fresh eye on the quality market, because every once in a while something good does appear.

    Just one minor suggestion. Could you group your book reviews into a category? It would make it easier to find and decide on items for my library. They are much better than the Amazon reviews.


  • RareVictorian - June 19, 2008

    Mike, good suggestion. I’ve organized the book reviews under a new link in the “Reference” area, top right.

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