Rare Victorian - Leon Marcotte in “American Furniture”

Leon Marcotte in “American Furniture”

american furniture beckerdite Leon Marcotte in American Furniture

american furniture beckerdite Leon Marcotte in American Furniture

If you collect books and information on Victorian antiques and you are a fan of Leon Marcotte, you should nab a copy of this 1994 issue of American Furniture, edited by Luke Beckerdite. There is a 24 page article on Marcotte with some photos of his work that I had not seen before. I paid $128 for my issue (above) which was still new in the wrapper (14 years old and still wrapped ?!?) and sometimes there are some on eBay. Other sources РAmazon

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  • woodwright - June 5, 2008

    Sold for $89.00. I searched the web for this title and saw it selling from $60.00 (B&N.com) to over $300.00 – I saw some listed as new in the wrapper too. I saw a listing that showed the table of contents @ http://www.chipstone.org/publications/1994AF/1994table.html it looked like the article on Marcotte was the only 19th century furniture article. Was it good enough to be worth $128.00? woodwright

  • RareVictorian - June 5, 2008

    woodwright, for the average collector, no, not worth it. For someone who runs a site like this and needs reference material (images) of Marcotte furniture that aren’t found elsewhere, it was worth it. I was hoping someone could get it for $30 or so, but I knew somehow it would get up there in price.

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