Rare Victorian - Kathie’s Bembe and Kimbel Stencil

Kathie’s Bembe and Kimbel Stencil

kathie stencil Kathies Bembe and Kimbel Stencil

kathie stencil Kathies Bembe and Kimbel Stencil

Above is an image of Kathie’s Bembe and Kimbel signature. The wood is indeed dry and the markings are worn, but it seems to be of the 928 Broadway variation. Hard to say from just this image, but that is my guess. Below is one from a Neal Auction chair.

0688 01 Kathies Bembe and Kimbel Stencil

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  • woodwright - June 25, 2008

    I agree Kathie’s Stencil looks like the others from Bembe & Kimbel @ 928 Broadway NY. The chair pictured in Arts & Enterprise has the same stencil – but it’s as clear as the bottom one from the Neal auction. The only stencil that didn’t say 928 Broadway was the one from Hantman’s. The stencil wasn’t pictured, just their description. I wonder how clear the stencil was? If they were guessing at what it said, or were certain. If it was clear, then it must have been an earlier chair (from an earlier address). It would be interesting to follow up on the other 8 (mentioned in my previous comment – as named by Hantmans & in the book Arts & Enterprise) to see which style and any makers names that might be found. It would be very interesting to find one that was positively identified as from the Hammitt Desk Co. and what the design/ details are.
    I thought Cottone’s Auction (near Rochester NY) had one for sale in the March 7 ’08 auction. I e-mailed them to ask about it, but didn’t get a reply. Past auctions only show lot numbers and sales price – no pictures. woodwright

  • RareVictorian - June 25, 2008

    If the B&K chairs go for 18k or so, then with the rareness, the Hammitt desks should be above that. I’d love to see one to compare the carvings.

  • Jeff - July 13, 2008

    I have the desk and chair from South Hampton Antiques. Where would I find the stencils? Also, the chair seems to be covered in a greenish oilcloth that appears original? The book excerpt supplied by “Woodwright” indicates that they were covered in red leather. What is the full name of that book woodwright, I would like to obtain a copy of it.

  • RareVictorian - July 13, 2008

    Jeff, Art and Enterprise is at the bottom of the books page on this site and the stencil is on page 366.

    According to Kathie, her stamp was on the back panel inside of the seat area.

  • Kathie - July 13, 2008

    How wonderfull those desks are somthing else!.
    The chair you have appears to have the frame work from the coushion . It shoud lift out . The stamp would be under that on the back panel.
    Mine was very hard to find . I had to use a pair of high powered magnifiers to find it. But then mine was sitting out in the weather before I rescued it.

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