Rare Victorian - Finally, Victorian Antique Furniture Has Sold For Big Dough

Finally, Victorian Antique Furniture Has Sold For Big Dough

$847,004.00 for a Victorian Desk and Chair

Too bad it wasn’t on the merit of the furniture itself (and who made it) and instead had everything to do with who had previously owned it – Charles Dickens.  It had descended through the Dickens family until the sale.  This was the desk that he used at Gad’s Hill Place to write many of his works, including A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, Our Mutual Friend, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, numerous Christmas stories, minor works and various correspondence, including the last words he wrote on the eve of his death.  You can see images of the items and read more about their history and the sale here.

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  • misslilybart - June 12, 2008

    The presale estimate for Dicken’s desk was a mere £80,000 (about $160,000 US). Per the AP account of the sale: “(The buyer) Tom Higgins, who runs a company that provides live tarot card readings over the internet, said he may write letters at the desk.”

    There are a few images (including some period illustrations) @ http://tinyurl.com/55osmw

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