George J. Henkels Medallion Back Rococo Sofa

by John Werry on May 15, 2008

Sofa attributed to George J. Henkels of Philadelphia.  It is also possible that the sofa may have been made by Ignatius Lutz and sold by Henkels

Just a quick note to point out that a familiar George Henkels-attributed sofa form popped up for sale on Ebay. There is a little mystery surrounding this particular sofa design. The book that I recently purchased, Victorian Detail, suggests that this sofa may have actually been manufactured by Ignatius Lutz and only sold by Henkels in his Philadelphia showroom, but the book doesn’t provide any finality to that theory either way.

If the Lutz theory is true, it is probably because George had to fill his showrooms with a lot of furniture to sell to feed his family of 13 children 😉 . At least it can be assumed that they all had a place to sit at the Henkels homestead.

The sofa will sell on May 21st and bidding will start at $600 with expected range of $6,250 to $7,500, though I’d be surprised if it goes that high. More details at the listing.

If you’d like to see an exceptional signed sideboard done by Lutz, see here. I think I smell another blog post coming after seeing this sideboard – I wonder how many “Alexander Roux” sideboards have been sold that were actually made by Lutz….

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