Rare Victorian - “Victorian” Keyboard and Monitor

“Victorian” Keyboard and Monitor

steampunk monitor keyboard Victorian Keyboard and Monitor

steampunk monitor keyboard1 Victorian Keyboard and Monitor

If there ever was a computer in the Victorian age, this is what the keyboard and monitor would look like. The “marble” base is actually paper printed from an image taken off of the Internet and the arms that support the monitor are actually antique lamp arms. The whole process of hand-crafting these one-of-a-kind oxymorons is documented in photos and video over at the Steampunk Workshop. Thanks to 1881Victorian for pointing them out in the forum.

A couple interesting other threads are going on over at the forum right now and worth a look:

  • The “bed thread” is an homage to the Victorian bed. Several of the site members have posted their personal beds to share.
  • New member Ann has posted pics of her Italianate in NJ. Unbelievable plaster-work in a private residence. Maybe Rare Vic readers can help her solve some of her mysteries.

Anyone can browse the forum but only members can see the images or post messages. I point that out since I often get the question, “why can’t I see the images”. Signing up is harmless, we only ask (and keep confidential) username, password, and email and we don’t share our list or send you any solicitations.

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  • zeke - April 17, 2008


    Where do I get one of those! I want it for my wifes Renaissance Revival davenport laptop desk. That Mac Ibook looks terrible on it, so out of style!


  • admin - April 17, 2008


    You can ask the guy who made it, who is the same guy who does the site in the link. Not sure if he’d make more since it looked like a project.

    The keyboards *are* for sale – custom made – http://www.datamancer.net/keyboards/keyboards.htm

  • zeke - April 17, 2008

    Oh John, I was only joking but it is really funky looking though. I think I’ll just keep my modern looking computer 🙂

  • Emeriol - April 18, 2008

    That is so sweet. I’m going to make one! … by end of year perhaps…

  • Daniel - April 18, 2008

    Howdy John andMembers,
    Well ,I’m not kidding.. I would put out the money for something as different as this. Thanks for posting it here.
    Have a Good Weekend Everyone!

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