Rare Victorian - I Was Kidding …

I Was Kidding …

quervelle grecian sofa1 I Was Kidding ...

quervelle grecian sofa1 300x162 I Was Kidding ...

Just a quick post to make sure everyone knew I was kidding on this post about the Quervelle-attributed sofa. I tried to lather it on thick so that it was hopefully obvious that I loved the sofa and was trying to farcically “discourage” any competition from bidding:

  • “special” 40% buyers premium
  • located in Siberia
  • cardboard facades
  • 1960s reproduction
  • bidding on it myself to “take it out of circulation”
  • a “preposterous ruse” that looks as good as that?

Anyway, most of you saw the comedy and went along with it. The comments at the bottom of the post from zeke were hilarious as he fed the story with oxymorons:

  • horrible damask upholstery and the cheap button tufting and matching ugly pillow
  • I dragged the image into photoshop and enhanced it. What appears to be mahogany is actually contact paper on particle board.

Anyway, hopefully we’re all on the same page now. I don’t think I’ve seen more people click through (70 so far) from my site to view the actual listing for any other item I’ve profiled before, so obviously there was a lot of interest generated. I figure that the topical nature of Victorian antiques risks being very droll, so injecting some fun every once in a while makes it a little more exciting. Be on the lookout for future bad humor…

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