Rare Victorian - Historic House Tour Weekend

Historic House Tour Weekend

newdog 729237 Historic House Tour Weekend

newdog 729237 Historic House Tour Weekend
I apologize for the lack of posts recently and will also apologize for possible continuation of that malady. My house was on the local historic home tour this past weekend and we have been gearing up for that for some time. We also are the owners of a new Portuguese Water Dog puppy who almost stole the show at the house tour over the house and it’s period antiques. He requires constant supervision and that leave little time for the usual activities of life such as Rare Victorian.

The biggest reason for the temporary decline in posts is that the development on the relaunch of the new Rare Victorian has been in the works and is complete. The only thing holding up the launch is the move to a new server. It requires a complete reinstall of everything that supports the new site on a different server and the coordination of network rerouting to minimize downtime. Expect a new and faster Rare Victorian with new features such as a Victorian Furniture news feed.

House tour weekend started with the hosts of all 5 houses on the tour getting to tour each others’ homes prior to Saturday when the broader public would be touring. This allowed the owners who would otherwise be unable to see their counterpart’s houses, get a chance to see all the homes. Coincidentally, 2 of the 4 other houses were ones that I had driven by for years and always thought to myself that I’d like to see inside, and finally I got my chance. I now know that when my Victorian phase ends, I will go back 100 years and start all over again with another era. Is 18thCenturyFurniture.com available?

My hosting for the main event began Saturday at 10:30 and continued to 4:00 with approximately 80-100 people taking the tour. I think that the $30 tickets deterred a larger participation, but it was just enough of a flow that we could handle it. I had 5 friends taking shifts with parts of the house and my wife and I had full-day duty.

The scary part is that 4 days before the event, 1/2 of our 40 foot porch’s roof underpinnings were replaced. One of the 16 foot spans was drooping in the middle between two posts and it would not have made for good curb appeal for the tour. The main beams in all directions were undressed from their aluminum capping and removed and replaced due to water damage and dressed back up again with the same aluminum. It took up to 4 men at times and was completed just in time – 24 hours before the host tour.

Tour day was long and arduous but it was enjoyable to get to talk to so many people about the home and it’s antiques. The highlight of the day was to get to meet the great-grandson of the original owner of the home and show him the home and oil paintings by his great-great-grandfather Newbold Hough Trotter. We exchanged research information on his family and it appears that I have more information leading to prove that the animal and landscape painter lived in my home at one time and not just his son, the ornithologist, author and professor, Spencer Trotter, who built the home.

We got an invite to show our home on another township’s house tour (we live on the line), but I don’t think we’ll be up to it for some time …

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