Rare Victorian - Forum Post Contest Winner

Forum Post Contest Winner

RV Forum2 715638 799131 Forum Post Contest Winner

RV Forum2 715638 799131 Forum Post Contest Winner
Well, another Rare Victorian contest comes to a close and we have our winner. Thanks to everyone who contributed there, contest or not. We had approximately 300 new posts during the time period and no one was posting fluff in there just for contest reasons. Lot’s of good discussion there and we all learned something (maybe a lot) new.

Three of the top 10 posters were brand new members (zeke, ggisson, and jre2100) and I thank you for joining and already becoming a valued member of the community. I know I’ve already learned new things from you and even spent some money on a Galusha book based on a tip from you.

Member New Posts New Member
1881victorian 52
Peakangus 38
jcapal 25
misslilybart 19
zeke 17 *
furniture fanatic 11
jacon4 11
michaelo 11
ggsisson@gmail.com 9 *
jre2100 9 *

Congratulations go out to 1881victorian for a second win – I don’t need your address – the books are on the way. All your posts have been insightful, and I thank you for your diligence on the auction schedule board. I think that info is invaluable to us all.

The other good news is that forum membership is up 80% in the past month and a half. Let’s hope we keep up the growth and activity.

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