Rare Victorian - Bringing The 19th Century To The 21st Century

Bringing The 19th Century To The 21st Century

victorian forum mobile Bringing The 19th Century To The 21st Century

rare victorian mobile1 300x204 Bringing The 19th Century To The 21st Century

So what happens if you’re stuck in the airport, or waiting at the DMV, or standing in line at the cash register with nothing better to do? How to pass the time?

You check out what is going on at RareVictorian.com and VictorianForum.com from your PDA, iPhone or Blackberry, of course!

We are now mobile and you can get your Victorian Antique fix wherever in the world you are! You might even see me post some messages from my mobile phone if the occasion presents itself.

Who said the world of antiques had to be low-tech?

The sites recognize that they are being accessed from a mobile device and the content will be optimized to speed your download time and the display formatting. There are some limitations, as you might expect, when accessing the sites from a phone. Here’s what I’ve observed so far:


  • When viewing the home page, archive page, or a tag page, these pages may list several posts in succession. For each post on the page you will see the first few hundred characters of a post to minimize the download. Images will also be absent. If you click on a particular post title, you’ll be directed to a page with the full text and all images.
  • The two sidebars you normally see to the right on the home page will not be displayed. The mobile version just focuses on the blog posts and images.
  • You have the ability to read and post comments via your phone.


  • It’s very fast but images are not displayed to facilitate this. You can read all the posts’ text and create your own posts and replies, but cannot upload attached images from a phone.
  • When a post is created on a phone, the people viewing those posts will know it came from a phone via an icon of a mobile device that is automatically added to the post.

Try it out and let me know your feedback.

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