Rare Victorian - "What’s Hot" in 19th Century Furniture

"What’s Hot" in 19th Century Furniture


Every once in awhile I’ll run the “What’s Hot” Ebay search from the “Shop for Antiques” page to see what people are buying in the 19th century space and I just ran it this morning. Judging by what is there, it seems that Quartersawn, Horner style, Griffin-laden furniture is what is selling. Of the 10 items shown by my search (those over $400, 19th century, and with active bidding), 4 of them are from Bradford’s Antiques who does a great job refinishing and selling quality pieces of this style. The above Chifferobe from Bradford’s has been bid up to $4,600. The griffin mantel below is currently at $3,028 and both have 3 days to go yet.

There is another popular seller, North Wind Antiques who has 3 items seeing active bidding. All told, that means that 70% of the active mid-level 19th century furniture on Ebay is being sold by two popular sellers.

Another side observation is that 3 of the 10 active items are bedroom sets. The high-end ones have not seen reserve-exceeding bidding action recently but these $1,000 or less sets are seeing interest.

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  • Anonymous - March 23, 2008

    You mention “All told, that means that 70% of the active mid-level 19th century furniture on Ebay is being sold by two popular sellers.” Interesting statistic, but flawed. I assume you mean 19th Centery “American” furniture. In reality none of North Wind or Bradford’s pieces have met reserve and are not sold. Many dealers on Ebay sell using “Buy it Now” with “Best Offer” which would never show up in the “what is hot” with bids section, but do sell. Of the 13 items in the “what is hot” section, only 2 have met reserve and will sell (at the last time I checked).

  • John W - March 24, 2008

    Anonymous… This blog is about Victorian furniture in general but most of it tends to be American. I blog from America, personally collect American when possible, and 85.7% of my visitors in the past month were American and often indicate to me that they seek out American pieces. Of the past 200+ blog postings, the vast majority were about American furniture, so I don’t bother to differentiate the region of origin as I feel it is implied.

    I was using the word “sold” in a context implying present tense… as in “offer to sell” or the state of “being sold”, reinforced by the word “active” in that particular quotation you reference. The link on the page is specifically labeled “What’s Hot (Has Bids)” to denote active and not completed bidding and I was pointing out that 70% of the active items at the time were tied to two sellers.

    And yes, the search is omitting Buy-It-Now items due to the purpose of this search – to provide a quick way to find items possibly worthy of purchase – those that have been “voted on” by others with their bids. I personally find better deals outside the Ebay Stores on the average, but I may add another search on the site to profile those items as well.

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