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Victorian Splendor Cover Bed

coverphoto 735048 Victorian Splendor Cover Bed

coverphoto 735048 Victorian Splendor Cover BedWell, I missed something, and that is why your participation is key here. There’s a lot of knowledge out there that we all could benefit from if everyone commented on blog postings and wrote in the forum (or just sent me an email). It’s been kinda quiet around here recently, and I hope everyone feels comfortable enough to post comments, send me feedback or be participative in the forum.

If you remember these beds a few days back; the bottom bed is on the cover (as well as page 169) of a book entitled, “Victorian Splendor”, above. Thanks to Steve, a new Rare Victorian visitor for spotting this fact. If you’re unfamiliar with the book, it’s content centers around recreating Victorian interiors with authenticity. It explores the home decor one room at a time and has many images of furniture in situ, surrounded by Turkish Revival draperies, dados, and period wallpaper. Paperback copies are available on Amazon.com for as low as $2.25 right now.

I always knew that staging pieces when you are trying to sell them will enhance the visual appeal, and thus, the potential price. Imagine if the seller with the 41-word description had staged the bed as above. There might have been a different result (the bed did not sell).

I understand the issue with staging the larger pieces – there isn’t the room to do so. Then there’s the issue of lighting. That’s why you see a lot of furniture sitting in the driveway in these photos – natural light is the best.

Thanks again, Steve, for the heads up on that.

On another note, I am about 70% through a complete redesign of the Rare Victorian blog. I’ve never been completely pleased with the aesthetics of the blogging platform that I’m currently on and am moving to the WordPress platform. I’m very excited about the new look and am looking forward to launching but I need to dot some i’s and cross some t’s first. I need to make sure that everything works as it should before shutting the old platform down. I’ve already successfully migrated all the posts over to the new platform, so we won’t be missing anything.

Here’s where you come in. Send me an email if you’d like to beta test the new Rare Victorian before it launches to the broader audience. Also, If there is an aspect of the current site that you have suggestions for improvement on please contact me and let me know. The cement hasn’t hardened on the new design and I still can make changes for the better. If you find something difficult to find, or missing from the current design, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.

Look for a launch of Rare Victorian 2.0 sometime in April.

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  • misslilybart - March 19, 2008

    The “Victorian Splendor” cover shot is of a room in the Brune-Reutlinger House in San Francisco; Richard Reutlinger and his exceptional and pioneering collection of Victoriana were the subject of The Magazine Antiques’ August 2005 “Living with antiques” feature. I cannot access my copy of the magazine at the moment (it is in a box, somewhere, in the Attic of Doom and Lots of Stuff), but I believe the bedroom suite in question is that which is referenced in the following passage from the article:

    “Reutlinger bought the three-piece bedroom suite in 1960 for $135 at a Butterfields auction. Consisting of a bed, a dresser, and a stand with a place for a chamberpot, it is a good example of high-style Renaissance revival furniture. The suite has been attributed to Goodwin and Company (1862-c. 1878), a San Francisco furniture retailer and manufacturer, based on a similar bedside commode stamped “J. P. Goodwin and Company” that has recently turned up on the market.”

  • cathypaul14 - March 20, 2008

    Yes, Miss LilyBart is correct; the bed on the cover shot is still in SF (now with a half-tester added), so the bed for sale on eBay must be similar.

  • John W - March 20, 2008

    I’ll have to get a copy of the August ’05 edition. Thanks for the heads up, both of you.

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