Rare Victorian - Special Mention – Emeriol’s Hunzinger Blog

Special Mention – Emeriol’s Hunzinger Blog

Emeriols blog 791517 Special Mention   Emeriols Hunzinger Blog

Emeriols blog 791517 Special Mention   Emeriols Hunzinger Blog
If you are a Hunzinger fan as I am, you need to be aware of Emeriol’s Hunzinger blog. He has been a strong supporter of Rare Victorian over the past year and I wanted to return the favor. He regularly posts as I do about furniture, but his posts are limited to the works of George Hunzinger. Of special value on his site is his documentation on the many patents that the Hunzingers’ amassed over the years they were in business (over 20). Emeriol has several of them documented on the site and has vowed to continue to document more of the remaining patents. If you own a Hunzinger piece with a patent stamp, there’s a chance you can view the drawings of your piece from the patent documentation on the site. If you’d like to learn a little more about George Hunzinger, you can visit my bio page for George at GeorgeHunzinger.com

Thanks again, Emeriol, for your support.

While I’m thinking of Emeriol, it reminds me that he and I exchange Instant Message traffic periodically as we find Hunzinger pieces that either would be interested in. The real-time exchange is something I’ve been doing with friends and work acquaintances for many years now. I welcome Rare Victorian regulars to add me to your favorite IM software and drop me a message if you have the occasion to do so. If you see something of interest out there in the world of Victoriana or just want to chat, send me a message.

My instant messaging addresses:
Yahoo- jaws_ii
MSN- john.werry@gmail.com
Google- johnawerry

I use Meebo.com to consolidate all my messaging clients into a single interface, making it easier for me to monitor across these three services.

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  • Emeriol - March 18, 2008

    Thx for the plug John!

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