Rare Victorian - Renaissance Revival Bedroom Sets

Renaissance Revival Bedroom Sets

C 76.1L 791159 Renaissance Revival Bedroom Sets

C 76.1L 791159 Renaissance Revival Bedroom Sets
Two fine three-piece Renaissance Revival bedroom sets are up at auction this week and one of them is seeing heavy bidding. With 6 days to go, the bedroom set above has 13 bids taking it up to $8,101. A newspaper stuffed into the back of the mirror from 1871 provides a basis for dating the set to within a few years following that date. The set has been refinished and the mirror resilvered so it is probably ready to go right into your bedroom. Just bring your full-size mattress. The only complaint I have about the set above is the brass hardware. They appear polished to brand new and I prefer a bit of patina left on them, but that is personal preference.

The set below has zero bids but that is due to the $9,500 starting price and the three line description. I can’t believe that someone selling a $10k item would provide a 41-word description of what they’re selling. We’ll see where it ends up in 4 days when the auction is over.

You can click on the photos to take you to the listings for more images and information.

 Renaissance Revival Bedroom Sets

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  • Vivian Fellows - March 19, 2010

    Could you please email me the sales results of the two
    Renaissance Revival bedroom sets? I am researching what these
    bedroom suites are selling for.
    Thank you for your time.
    Vivian Fellows

    • John Werry - March 22, 2010

      Sorry, this is too long ago and I cannot access Ebay’s historical data that far back. Try Liveauctioneers.com for “sold” prices.

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