Matching Mortar Mixes For Historic Masonry Work

by John Werry on March 28, 2008

Ever see historic masonry patched up with white, modern mortar? Not a pretty sight.

This is off-topic, but may be of help to others as it was for me. As an owner of an older home, I was having problems finding mortar that would match the color and texture of the mortar used 121 years ago to build the exterior of my home. Around the property I also have stone walls and flagstone patios that were added in the 1920s or 30s for which I had the same problem and a yet a different style of mortar.

I ran into this company which appears to be a good source for historically accurate mortar for use in repointing or complete masonry rework. They have a handy reference page to help you identify the style of pointing used on your historic property and I found the style of mine in one of their samples, shown above. They also allow you to send them a chunk of mortar for them to recommend a particular mix for the best match. Their site also enables you to search for qualified professionals if you are not so inclined to do the work yourself.

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