Rare Victorian - Somebody Got a Deal at $2,000

Somebody Got a Deal at $2,000

Aesthetic Cabinet 702203 Somebody Got a Deal at $2,000

Aesthetic Cabinet 702203 Somebody Got a Deal at $2,000Just noticed that this Aesthetic cabinet that I was monitoring went for $2,000. I had actually opened the bidding window (it was live) to wait for the lot to come up but something distracted me and I never made it back. I had a sneaky suspicion that it would possibly be one that I could get inexpensively and it was in driving distance, which is never the case. Next time I’ll put an absentee bid on to be sure.

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  • james - January 25, 2008

    yeah, this is what i normally do with auctions, decide in advance what i am willing to pay, place the bid with a plus 1 or 2 and forget it. keeps one from waiting round and getting caught up in “auction fever”

  • misslilybart - January 27, 2008

    Oddly enough, the one item I was interested in from that same auction also went to a very low bid… made me wish I’d made the trek from central NJ up to Morristown, after all. C’est la vie… it isn’t like we actually needed an(other) overmantle mirror.

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