Rare Victorian - Road Trip!

Road Trip!

Isaac Scott 747533 Road Trip!

Isaac Scott 747533 Road Trip!I’m heading to Ohio for business meetings (for my day job) on Monday and Tuesday and I’ve decided to head there early for the weekend. I’m a University of Dayton grad and lived in Ohio for 7 years so I have friends to visit with. It just so happens that Cowan’s is having an auction nearby on Saturday so why not sit in on the action while I’m visiting? If there are any Rare Victorian readers out there also going, let me know.

One of the lots being sold in this sale on Saturday is the Modern Gothic bedroom set of which two pieces are pictured above. It is attributed to Isaac E. Scott a Chicagoan that started his career in Philadelphia in the 1860s and moved to Chicago in 1873. He was deemed the originator of a style of “Art Carving” claimed unique and indigenous to Chicago that was explained in Art Journal in 1876 as such:

“the decoration of wooden panels by placing successive layers of different kinds of wood together, and carving away the several strata, preserving form as well as outline, and thus securing from the different materials the same effects obtained in cameo-cutting…”

This bedroom set does not employ the technique but rather employs birds-eye Maple veneer and inset tiles as decorative elements. Bidding starts at $2,000 for this four-piece set and expected range is $4,000 to $6,000. More information and images at the listing.

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