Rare Victorian - Rare Hunzinger High-Back Lollipop Chair

Rare Hunzinger High-Back Lollipop Chair

Hunzinger high back chair lollipop 755154 Rare Hunzinger High Back Lollipop Chair

Hunzinger high back chair lollipop 755154 Rare Hunzinger High Back Lollipop ChairI’m a big fan of George Hunzinger’s work and when I ran across this unusual Lollipop chair by him I had to bring it home. I have never seen this chair in any of the auctions, Ebay or otherwise, nor in the Barry Harwood Hunzinger book or any other book for that matter. I plan on keeping it, but if someone gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse I might part with it. I think it is rare enough and in such good condition that it could potentially be a museum piece. For now it will sit in the corner of one of my guest bedrooms.

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  • FeelingFlirty - January 30, 2008

    It’s a cute chair but is it comfortable?

  • John W - January 30, 2008

    Not really, especially for a 21st century body which is taller and broader than 19th century bodies. The seat is somewhat hard and the chair arms are very uncomfortable.

    In Hunzinger’s own advertisements, he mentioned two product lines: ornamental or fancy chairs and folding, extension and reclining chairs. This chair would fall into the ornamental category, meaning it was mainly for show.

    These chairs were used for room decoration, as photography props, or even as one ad shows, “coffin rooms” (funeral parlor viewing rooms).

    I say this not just for the lollipop design, but for any of his decorative designs.

  • fay alden - June 3, 2009

    I have a lollipop rocker in perfect condition that has been in my family for well over a hundred years -any comments?

    • RareVictorian - June 4, 2009

      Yes, they’re generally selling in the $400-$750 range at auction.

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