Alexander Roux Pietra Dure Table

by John Werry on January 1, 2008

Also commonly seen as Pietra Dura, Pietra Dure is the technique of using precision cut, highly polished rocks to create a painting in stone.

I’ve never seen this technique used by the “big names” in Victorian furniture but here is a paper-labeled Alexander Roux table up for sale at Nadeau’s Auction Gallery in Windsor, CT.

In the center of the decorative stones is a “micro mosaic” of a Roman Colisseum, which also appears to be made up of even smaller stones.

Bidding on the table ends today and begins at $12,500 with an expected range of $25,000 to $35,000. More images of the table and stone surface can be seen at the listing.

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alain kouyoumdjian September 26, 2008 at 8:09 am

It is quite often that 19th. century cabinet makers would use any decorative item made by another workshop such as hardstones, micromosaic, tempera, or older fragments commonly seen on Boulle furniture. Sometimes even it was the customers exigence.
Regarding Roux and this specific table it would have been very easy to have this shipped by his brother Frederic from Paris.

I hope this helps.


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