Rare Victorian - "In the Manner of" George Hunzinger

"In the Manner of" George Hunzinger

Hunzinger esque 781512 "In the Manner of" George Hunzinger

Hunzinger esque 781512 "In the Manner of" George HunzingerYou will occasionally run across the phrase “In the manner of” within a furniture listing to denote a case where the seller is leaning (oftentimes strongly) against attributing a piece to a particular maker. Elements of the piece or the entire form bears a resemblance to the style of that maker but is missing a smoking gun to attribute it outright to that maker.

The listing for the chair above doesn’t use this phrase, though it uses “Hunzinger look” to serve the same purpose. The chair does have some elements that bear a resemblance to George Hunzinger’s parlor furniture, which you can compare it to in the pictures below. I wouldn’t completely rule it out as being by him, but there are some elements seen in his parlor furniture that are absent on this piece.

Take note of the chair below, which is also currently up for sale with a current bid of $1,650 and is a patented, stamped Hunzinger. The top chair doesn’t include the front brace that you see in many of his chairs and sofas. The lower back bolster is also missing.

Hunzinger Chair 701704 "In the Manner of" George Hunzinger
Lisa Bohm also has the following 3-piece parlor set up for sale on her site. This is another of George Hunzinger’s parlor set forms.

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