Back From Key West

by John Werry on December 31, 2007

I’m back from Key West and I had an eventful week including a good share of Victorian sightseeing while I was there. It’s good to be back and I’m ready to get back into the Rare Victorian and digging into the minutiae of fine Victorian Furniture. I have to do a bit of work for the day job today even though I’m on vacation for another week, but I wanted to send out a quick note about Rare Victorian being profiled in the Hall Of Fame for Collector’s Weekly.

Collector’s Weekly is an all-encompassing collector’s site covering pretty much any category of collecting that you could imagine. Rare Victorian has been recently profiled in their Hall of Fame. I hope that over time (the site appears to be relatively new) they will expand their content to include informative articles (as the “Weekly” name implies). Right now the content is a bit light and is comprised mostly quick blurbs, reference links, profiles of other sites, and Ebay Affiliate links. I know full well how it takes time to develop a site to it’s full potential. Rare Victorian is only a fraction of what I’d like it to be today, but these things take time. Thanks again to Collector’s Weekly for inclusion in the Hall of Fame.

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