Rare Victorian - 70-Foot Christmas Trees and a Key West Christmas

70-Foot Christmas Trees and a Key West Christmas

70 foot xmas trees 1 763958 70 Foot Christmas Trees and a Key West Christmas

70 foot xmas trees 1 763958 70 Foot Christmas Trees and a Key West ChristmasWe have not yet had a chance to host a family Christmas at “Pennyscroft” since the family rotation has taken us to Florida each of the past two Christmases that we’ve had since buying the home. Chrismas can be quite grand at an old home and we hope to be able to host it in the next few years.

One of the side benefits of buying an old house is that it is highly likely that the gardens and surrounding trees have been there for many eons. In the case of of our property, we have dozens of monstrous trees – sugar maples and what I will refer to as Christmas trees. When we receive some snow, it produces quite a beautiful panorama as the 70-100 foot trees become tinged with white. The scene puts our 9 foot artificial tree inside the house to shame. In the summer when the fireflies are out in full-force, this tree below actually appears to be a lighted Christmas tree as hundreds of fireflies fly around it.

70 foot xmas trees 2 788462 70 Foot Christmas Trees and a Key West ChristmasOut the front of the property, which slopes down dramatically, is a popular sledding hill that gives the riders a 500-foot slope on which you can pick up some dramatic speed (I’m reminded of the speed each Monday when I wheel the garbage container down the driveway – it takes me down the hill).

As your sled barrels down the slope, you need to make sure you put the brakes on before you inadvertently cross the road. Fortunately an old split post fence is there as a last-ditch, albeit potentially painful, safety measure.

Lizzie, our Portuguese Water Dog, was born in December, so her first life experiences included excitedly following a dozen or so other Porties into the breeder’s snowy yard. She is a big fan of snow and uses it as her endless snowcone that she licks during her trips out in the back yard.

We will be without Pennyscroft scenes and Lizzie this Christmas as we venture to Key West to join up with my entire immediate family. We have never been there and are looking forward to some R&R in warmer climes.

Not knowing what the full gamut of architecture is down there (“is there any Victorian?”), I did some perusing in Google images and was pleased to find a few Victorian home images, including one of Hemingways home. I’m afraid that I may not want to return if I find that I can have year-round warm weather, water (boating, fishing), and houses to buy where my furniture would look right at home. And I’m a telecommuter, so this could be dangerous.

If you don’t see activity on the home page of Rare Victorian for a week, you’ll know why. I’m either out chartering a fishing boat with the family, dining at a waterside restaurant … or househunting for Key West Victorians.

I wish all the Rare Victorian readers and their families a very happy holidays.

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