Rare Victorian - Taking Decorative Risks

Taking Decorative Risks

0572 1 lg 700022 Taking Decorative Risks

0572 1 lg 700022 Taking Decorative Risks
This three-piece set of parlor furniture will certainly jump out at you when you enter the room. I still can’t decide if I like it or not and I think the problem I’m having is due to the upholstery. I think if this were reupholstered it could be an impressive and unique set.

One of the reasons I like having a Victorian home is that I have an excuse to have outlandish (but tasteful) furniture. I look forward to the day when I find the right Egyptian Revival piece to add to my collection. People don’t flinch when they see ornate antiques in my home. In my previous, circa 1999 home, having furniture like this would have prompted looks of shock and horror. I hope you take some decorative risks too and have fun with it, especially if you have a period house – I’d say you’re required to!

Bidding on the set ends on November 18th and starts at $1,500 with an expected range of $3,000 to $4,000.

0572 2 lg 768982 Taking Decorative Risks

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  • formulagal - October 18, 2008

    I know I am commenting on a really old post….but i just received an upcoming auction notification from Kaminski and was checking out their online catalog. I noticed he is auctioning off this exact parlor set for $3000-5000.


    I knew I had seen this set before (and I figured it must have been at Rare Victorian) so I did a quick search through your ebonized furniture posts, and voila, here it is!

    I started wondering if he picked this set up for a great price last year, or if he couldn’t get rid of it back east and is now trying to auction it off at his upcoming auction in Los Angeles (Pasadena area)?

    Anyways…thought it was interesting.

  • RareVictorian - October 21, 2008

    Must be the same one. The upholstery gives it away 😉

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