Rare Victorian - Splitting of Sets – Does it Bother You Too?

Splitting of Sets – Does it Bother You Too?


Does it bother anyone other than me that auction houses (and dealers) take parlor sets that have been together for 150 years and split them up to maximize the total sale? This particular set is a John Henry Belter “Fountain Elms” parlor set – 7 pieces worth $50,000-$100,000.

There is a very good chance that these pieces will part ways and never be enjoyed together as a set again. They will be sold on November 17th in three separate lots as pictured to the right. I’m sure the client will be pleased with the check they receive after the sale, but they probably already have enough money. What’s an extra $10 grand when you probably own 3 houses, 7 cars and have $25 mil in an account in Switzerland? It’s similar to me leaving the change from my latte in the tip jar at Starbucks. It’s all relative.

We’ll see what song I’m singing when I eventually sell my estate and retire to the tropics.

Someone please buy these lots and keep them together. Free storage at my house until you pick them up (auction is local to me).

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  • james conrad - November 9, 2007

    http://www.eastdennisantiques.com/directory/Sold:Furniture6.html heres a roux 5 piece set i came across recently. scroll down to bottom of page, the rest of set is on following page. although out of my interest area, one would think breaking a set would devalue rather than add.

  • james conrad - November 9, 2007

    oops, link didnt work, its on past sales page, bottom of page 2 and top of page 3. it sold for 24k

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