Rare Victorian - Pabst Poker/Tavern Table

Pabst Poker/Tavern Table

Poker Table 761088 Pabst Poker/Tavern Table

 Pabst Poker/Tavern TableSometimes my auction searches by keyword bring up some interesting items such as this Pabst table …

Pabst Blue Ribbon table that is – yes, the beer company. My search is intended to identify antique Daniel Pabst items coming up for sale but today’s search brought up something not by the famous Philadelphia cabinet maker, but by Pabst the beer company. The funny thing is that this Oak table is actually antique 1880s Victorian with shallow Eastlake incised carvings. And it is even stamped by Pabst Blue Ribbon! Too funny. We antique shoppers search (mostly in vain) to find markings, stamps, or labels denoting the cabinet maker for the pieces that we buy. Most of them have nothing for us to hang our hat on, but the beer company thinks ahead and stamps their table.

For those beer drinkers out there, you might notice the handy beer shelves under the table to keep your drink out of harms way when the gambling gets rowdy. Or maybe that shelf is a spot for you to review your cards in private.

Bidding starts at a frothy $1,200. More details and images here.

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  • 1881victorian - November 30, 2007

    That is a buy-it-now price of $1,200. Bidders need to pony-up at least $999 to get things rolling. Very cute table!

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