Rare Victorian - Meeks Stanton Hall Parlor Set

Meeks Stanton Hall Parlor Set

Meeks Stanton Hall Parlor Set 747452 Meeks Stanton Hall Parlor Set

Meeks Stanton Hall Parlor Set 747452 Meeks Stanton Hall Parlor SetComing up for sale is another historically unified parlor set being split into separate lots. This time it is a “Stanton Hall” parlor set from J & JW Meeks. I won’t revisit the topic of splitting these historic sets apart again but you can revisit the prior post on the Belter set here. By the way, those three Belter lots collectively sold for $79,000 plus buyer’s premium.

This set is comprised of a sofa, one armchair and two sidechairs. The pattern is named after Stanton Hall in Natchez, Mississippi. The home was built for wealthy cotton commission broker, Frederick Stanton, who commissioned many decorative pieces for the house, including the original pattern set of this design.

This set is being sold from the Evelyn Church Royston Trust by John Moran Auctioneers, Inc. in Pasadena, CA.

There are some condition issues and evidence of old woodworm infection, which you can see is the topic of this conversation on the message board.

Bidding ends on November 20th and you can view the lots here:

Meeks Stanton Hall Armchair
Meeks Stanton Hall Sidechairs
Meeks Stanton Hall Sofa

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  • james - November 24, 2007

    it could be that these sets have reached a value that are just out of reach of most collectors, therefore, they are split up. kinda sad in a way but i understand it.

  • John W - November 24, 2007

    Yes, I’ve spoken to a dealer who went out of business recently due to the rise in prices of these high-end pieces. He used to deal in them exclusively and can’t make a profit from them so his business no longer exists.

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