Rare Victorian - Herter Brothers Bookcase Find

Herter Brothers Bookcase Find

Herter Bookcase 2 778542 Herter Brothers Bookcase Find

You may remember Ralph and Pamela Krainik from the previous post on their monumental clock. They recently let me know that they purchased a Victorian bookcase and were able to identify it as a Herter Brothers piece due to the Rare Victorian post on a stamped Herter Bookcase here! That certainly makes me happy that the Rare Victorian was able to help in the identification process. I feel like Match.com must feel when a pair of clients gets married due to the use of their matchmaking service – only this time, one of the parties is a bookcase. And in this case there is a trio – Pamela, Ralph and the bookcase, but we won’t go there…

I’ve included the comparison photos below. The smaller inset photos are details from the Krainik piece.

Although the material and gender of the figures are not the same, they are both neoclassical in design and are at the top center of the two bookcases. Note the outline of the burl panel behind both – they are the same.

Herter Bookcase 2 778542 Herter Brothers Bookcase FindAlthough the stamped bookcase has three drawers, both bookcases have simple and identical two-pull carved wood drawer handles and a central carved wood escutcheon

Herter Bookcase 3 760112 Herter Brothers Bookcase Find
This is the smoking gun. The carved elements on the doors are identical in the central and upper corner areas.

Ralph additionally points to other similar traits like the router markings on the shelves and the markings on the back of them denoting their position in the bookcase. Thanks to the Krainik’s for sharing their latest find. Don’t forget they have a shop where their fine Victorian furniture is for sale.

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  • james - November 20, 2007

    cool, way to go rarevic., this is why i come here!

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