Rare Victorian - Exceptional Merklen Chair Sold – $3,250

Exceptional Merklen Chair Sold – $3,250

0284 1 lg 786374 Exceptional Merklen Chair Sold   $3,250

0284 1 lg 786374 Exceptional Merklen Chair Sold   $3,250This incredible Merklen chair, for which you can see an identical twin represented in the print copy of Paul Tucker’s article in “The Magazine Antiques”, sold today for $3,250. It was incorrectly marked as a Hunzinger with an expected range of $300 to $600, which was readily obliterated.

The chair includes the ubiquitous Merklen spiral turned and tapered legs and brass and wood ball and claw feet. Of special note are the inclusion of Moorish fretwork panels in the backrest and arms. These panels may have been produced by Moses Younglove Ransom and incorporated by the Merklens. Paul Tucker mentions in his article that, “As early as 1885 the Merklens incorporated Ransom’s Moorish fretwork into the back panels of their chairs”.

This is a special collector’s chair and one that I wish I could have let myself bid high enough on.

Side note: Paul Tucker recently wrote me to suggest that the labeled Flint rocker previously profiled may have been produced by the Merklens and was merely marketed by the George C. Flint company. According to Paul, The Merklens were known to have produced tables and chairs with marquetry, which would be a subset of furniture that I have not had the opportunity to see examples of. As stated in the blog post, many of us would have attributed it to the Merklens but the label is a complicating factor. Paul’s comments ring true to me.

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