Rare Victorian - All-Original Signed Herter Brothers Walnut Bookcase

All-Original Signed Herter Brothers Walnut Bookcase

HerterBrothersBookcase 728130 All Original Signed Herter Brothers Walnut Bookcase

HerterBrothersBookcase 728130 All Original Signed Herter Brothers Walnut BookcaseThis is the first Herter Brothers bookcase that I have run across since I’ve been collecting over the past few years and this one is stamped “Herter Bros.” to confirm it’s origin. If I had a spare $10k to buy furniture that I don’t need, it would probably go into replacing my existing early 20th century bookcase with this one. Many of the fine Herter pieces are unattainable for us mere mortals, but here is a confirmed piece in very nice condition and at a price that is very reasonable. Were it not stamped, I would not have guessed who had made it since it is not overtly decorated with gilding and trademark Herter carvings and Aesthetic touches. It is certainly a more reserved design for this famous shop. This bookcase includes it’s original glass, brass keys, and numbered shelves. You can see more pictures and detailed description of the bookcase here: Signed Herter Brothers Bookcase

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  • Anonymous - November 7, 2007

    Is it possible that this is not a Herter Bros. piece after all? As you note, I would never have guessed it a Herter absent the stamp. Moreover, I notice that the stamp on this piece reads “HERTER BROS” whereas other Herter items (for example, the clock in a previous posting on this site) reads “HERTER BRO’S” Finally, that stamp does not appear to be something that would be all that difficult to duplicate. Of course, no one can say conclusively, but these were just some thoughts I had when I had first viewed this item on eBay.

  • John W - November 7, 2007

    The thought crossed my mind that the stamp could be added afterwards, but only close inspection could tell. I have not seen any other comparable bookcases, so I don’t have a full warm and fuzzy about this piece.

  • Dave B. - May 16, 2008

    Hi, From the photo that you are showing and that you say the stamp looks pretty good I believe the bookcase. Although Herter made some of the most opulent furniture ever seen in the United States some of their things could be much plainer. Sometimes a commission called for furnishing in less important rooms (maid’s quarters, kid’s bedrooms) that didn’t require such elaborate treatment. Look in the Met’s Herter Brothers catalog at the chairs from the Vanderbilt bedroom. It’s very stripped down compared to the fanciers chairs made for the elaborate parlors. On our website we have a simple Herter fall front desk which is not fussy but absolutely right.

    Dave Bahssin

  • RareVictorian - May 16, 2008

    Thanks Dave. You have some other nice pieces in your store/site – Pabst, Kimbel & Cabus, etc.

    FYI, your Herter link goes nowhere. I’d like to see the desk, so please give us another link.


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