Rare Victorian - George C. Flint Spiral Turned 1890s Rocker

George C. Flint Spiral Turned 1890s Rocker

George C Flint Rocker 769456 George C. Flint Spiral Turned 1890s Rocker

George C Flint Rocker 769456 George C. Flint Spiral Turned 1890s RockerRockers aren’t exactly sexy so I don’t generally post about them but this one is important for historical reference. There are too few labeled Victorian pieces out there to give us an historic record of who made what. The word “attributed” accompanies 90% of pieces being sold that have a cabinet maker’s name associated with them.

Here’s a rocker that I believe that many of us who follow Merklen or Hunzinger furniture would have attributed to one of them.

This mahogany rocker was made by the firm of George C. Flint and is labeled as such. It has extensive turnings in the style of Merklen and has satinwood and mother of pearl inlaid back. You can see two other pictures of the rocker here. It makes me want to take another look at this other rocker recently added to the forum for identification purposes.

You can see another George C. Flint piece here from Bradford’s Antiques. It is an extensively carved and gadrooned 1890’s desk with griffins and were it not for the label, many R.J. Horner fans would have attributed it to him. Fortunately, from this labeled piece I can now see differences in the griffin carving styles between Flint and Horner and this will help me better differentiate between the two.

It’s important to note that these two makers were once partners. Flint is first listed in the New York 1894/95 city directory according to a source I found on the internet. However, you can see an original New York Times article on an 1882 fire in his warehouse here, so he was there earlier. Flint later purchased the firm of Henry Brunner, a maker of Rococo furniture, around 1891 and merged with Horner around 1914 to form Flint & Horner which survived until the 1930s. I believe I remember that they worked together earlier than the 1914 merger, but that is fodder for another post …

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  • Andrew Ramirez - January 11, 2011

    I’ve have a sheet music cabinent from the George C Flint. Co. and was interested in having it appraised,any suggestions other than taking it to Bonhams&Butterfields auction house in San Francisco, thanks for time.

    • scott - March 22, 2013

      i have one also, could us send me a picture – and let me know if u ever sold yours

      • John Werry - March 26, 2013

        This one wasn’t mine; was one that I found on the Internet.

  • Susie Stapleton - September 9, 2011

    I have a Geo. C. Flint Mantle Clock in pristine condition. Where is the best place to get it appraised before I sale it?

    • John Werry - September 12, 2011

      I can do it if you like. See the “Appraisals” page at the top of this site.

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