Rare Victorian - Allen and Brother Cabinet (not Herter Brothers)

Allen and Brother Cabinet (not Herter Brothers)


For some reason the Allen and Brother pieces are coming out of the woodwork after not seeing any for months. Lewis & Maese Auction Company is bringing this cabinet up for sale on October 24th and have it marked as a Herter Brothers cabinet. I’m not an expert on Allen and Brother by any means but I have the Magazine Antiques issue from 1996 that featured this maker and the cover photo has the identical inlaid decorative front.

I know that you can’t rely on inlay work in isolation to identify a maker’s work (they were easy to buy and identical designs would show up across makers), but this cabinet has other hallmarks of Allen and Brother. The dimensions of this cabinet are within an inch,
simultaneously in all three measurements, of the cabinet featured on the cover. The overall form is the same. The feet have the same funnel shape. The two columns in front project out from the cabinet on two extended areas of the base. I believe it to be more likely Allen and Brother than Herter.

No condition report is available on the listing but in looking at the marble, I don’t believe it to be original. Bidding starts at $2,000 and range is $3,000 to $4,000, which would be a bargain for this maker if my attribution is correct.

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  • John W - November 8, 2007

    Sold for $5,400

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