Rare Victorian - Monumental Neo-Grec Clock

Monumental Neo-Grec Clock

CLOCK NEO GREC PAM CROP 9 705918 Monumental Neo Grec Clock

CLOCK NEO GREC PAM CROP   9 705918 Monumental Neo Grec ClockI’ve received some pictures of a clock recently acquired by Ralph & Pamela Krainik of the House of Seven Gables in Baraboo, WI. Their website is worth a visit to tour their beautiful 17-room 1860 Gothic Revival home. You can also peruse their antiques for sale from the site, including this clock.

This clock, as you can see, towers over Pam. No, she’s not short – the clock is 117″ tall and 42″ at the base. I wish I had ceilings higher than the 9′ 6″ I currently have to fit in pieces like this. I think I’ll need to start collecting houses…

We are unsure of the maker at this point and are soliciting feedback. If you have any leads on who this clock case was done by, please comment on this blog entry or contact me. Ralph is polling some noted clock authorities and one has stated that Howard, Herschede, Haas & Gilbert produced clocks in this manner. There are no markings on the case, save for one lone “H” pictured below. Though this one is not Horner, I’ve posted about Tobey Furniture Co. clocks with movements by J.J. Elliot and cases done by R.J. Horner at my RJHorner.com blog here, so cabinet makers who normally executed parlor furniture certainly collaborated with clock makers on items such as these.

Thanks to Ralph and Pam for sharing this incredible clock with us.

Also, Happy 101st [post] Anniversary to Rare Victorian!

CLOCK NEO GREC LEFT PEDIMENT BACK MARK   708778 Monumental Neo Grec Clock

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