Rare Victorian - Daniel Pabst Bedroom Set?

Daniel Pabst Bedroom Set?

IMG 0270sml 756917 Daniel Pabst Bedroom Set?

IMG 0270sml 756917 Daniel Pabst Bedroom Set?I recently purchased a double twin bedroom set at auction, drawn to it by the extensive use of maple in the construction and the Aesthetic carvings. The carvings and incisings are very crisp and there is a lot of birdseye, so I knew it was of very good quality. We have a bedroom that was in need of furniture and I knew I didn’t want yet another dark Walnut Renaissance Revival set, so this set fit the bill.

I’m now wondering, post-purchase, whether this set was done by Daniel Pabst. The elements that contribute to this thought are the solid birdseye maple panels , flat scalloped petal motifs (in the corners), squared form and linear incisings similar to other attributed Pabst sets I’ve seen, and the Philadelphia location of my purchase (Pabst was a Philadelphia cabinet maker). The leaves in the top repeating pattern are a unique design and are similar to leaves on a chair shown in the 1977 Philadelphia Museum of Art Bulletin on Pabst.

More pictures for your perusal here and comments and thoughts are welcome.

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