Rare Victorian - Kilian Brothers Aesthetic Pedestal

Kilian Brothers Aesthetic Pedestal


Usually I profile a piece before it actually sells, but in this case I’m doing so after the sale. Here’s an Aesthetic pedestal that sold for $2,100 this past weekend on Ebay. A few noteworthy elements of this piece point to it being attributed to Kilian Brothers (courtesy of John Mihos): 1) multi-colored incising. In addition to gold, you will see green (or blue – can’t tell), and red colored incising. 2) Note the double casters with two wheels per caster. I know John was going to bid on it but I see a floor bidder won this one. Next time John….

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  • formula gal - July 10, 2007

    The Aesthetic Pedestal is a beautiful piece. I have purchased 1 item from DuMouchelles in the past and I receive their pre-auction mailers. I was actually watching that item and wanted to bid on it, but due to the time difference in LA I missed that part of the auction!

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