Rare Victorian - R.J Horner? No, Stickley-Brandt

R.J Horner? No, Stickley-Brandt

Stickley Brandt Set R.J Horner? No, Stickley Brandt

Stickley Brandt Set R.J Horner? No, Stickley Brandt

Here’s a parlor set that will be sold at auction by Steven’s Auction Company during their July 27th/28th sale that is marked down as a Horner set. I have seen this same set attributed to Horner and Karpen in the past but it was actually done by Stickley-Brandt and was in their catalog as model numbers 589 and 588. The chair originally sold for $10.35 in Oak and $13.35 in mahogany. The settee was $29.60 in oak and $35.55 in mahogany.

I recommend you stop by the Stevens auction catalog and check out all the Victoriana being sold in this auction. There are some fantastic pieces by Belter, Herter, Pottier and Stymus, etc. The Belter sofa below from lot 27 will be sold on the 28th.

27   Belter, Rosewood, Laminated, Triple backed Sofa with Strong pattern, 72in. long, ca. 1850 %28documented%29 798966 R.J Horner? No, Stickley Brandt

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