Rare Victorian - J & JW Meeks Side Chairs – Stanton Hall

J & JW Meeks Side Chairs – Stanton Hall

67.0 743882 J & JW Meeks Side Chairs   Stanton Hall

67.0 743882 J & JW Meeks Side Chairs   Stanton Hall
Up for auction is a pair of J & JW Meeks side chairs made in the Stanton Hall pattern with coral damask upholstery. Expected sale range is $1,200 to $1,500 with starting price of $600. Here’s a pair of the same chairs for $12,500.

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  • formula gal - June 30, 2007

    Just want to say that I really enjoy Rare Victorian and the information you provide. I too keep an eye on Stevens Auction, search Ebay, and check out other victorian furniture finds online. I own only a few victorian items, but I am hoping to become a savvy and confident buyer of this wonderful furniture. I am located in Los Angeles, where there is a serious lack of victorian furniture, therfore all my shopping happens online. Any tips?

  • John W - July 2, 2007

    Depends on your budget. If you live in LA, there is the top end at Antiquarian Traders at 9031 W. Olympic Boulevard Beverly Hills, CA. They’re out of my budget range, but I’d still stop by to peruse if I lived nearby…

    I would seek out the smaller local auction houses (flip through the Yellow Pages) and find those that tend to get a stream of Victorian items. Go to their preview days prior to the sale to see if it’s worth going to.

    Use my Rare Vic search regularly to find rarer Victorian items on Ebay.

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