Rare Victorian - George Hunzinger Settees

George Hunzinger Settees

hunzset jpg 757657 George Hunzinger Settees

hunzset jpg 757657 George Hunzinger SetteesI am posting this pic of a settee by George Hunzinger for Ellen who passed by the Rare Victorian Blog this week and asked if Hunzinger did a settee in-line with the lollipop chair designs. Thanks very much to Joan Bogart who provided the picture above to me. You must see the Hunzinger table that she currently has here at her online store.

There is also a picture of a settee with the lollipop tops in “The Furniture of George Hunzinger Invention and Innovation in Nineteenth Century America” by Barry R. Harwood on page 131. On page 128 you will see a chair with identical design to the above settee. Although the book is hard to find and averages $150-$199 used, it is a the definitive source for Hunzinger information.

As an aside, I asked Barry Harwood (the author) via email about a table in his book (figure 87) that resembles a table that I have at my home and whether he ever found out the maker in the 10 years that passed since the publishing of the book, to which he indicated he hadn’t. The book points out that it is done by an unknown maker, and “…should be considered examples of a community of style rather than examples of Hunzinger’s undocumented ornamental furniture.” If anyone out there has seen other tables for which the maker is known that resemble mine, please let me know. Thanks to Barry for a great book and the lead to Joan Bogart and her settee pictures.

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