Rare Victorian - Signed Mitchell & Rammelsberg Rosewood Etagere

Signed Mitchell & Rammelsberg Rosewood Etagere

a13f 12 761418 Signed Mitchell & Rammelsberg Rosewood Etagere

a13f 12 761418 Signed Mitchell & Rammelsberg Rosewood EtagereI’ve been getting some new traffic to the blog recently, so if you are new, the premise is simple. Each blog entry profiles rare Victorian furniture that I run across in my own personal search for furniture. I figured that if I already had the information handy, I might as well share it with others with the same passion. I don’t have relationships with any of the sellers, so this blog is only about what piques my interest.

Up for auction is a signed Mitchell & Rammelsberg rosewood etagere. Marble appears to be original and according to the seller, there are no chips are cracks. Many etageres from this period are walnut so it is nice to have one with the added beauty of rosewood grain.

Bidding starts at $2,950 and buy-it-now price is $4,250. Bidding ends May 28th and more details can be seen at the listing – Signed Mitchell & Rammelsberg Rosewood Etagere.

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  • robert klein - April 26, 2018

    A few years ago I had purchased an identical etagere from a picker out of New Orleans. It was walnut with a painted rosewood grain. If i were not in the business for 4 decades I would not have known it was painted grain. The Mitchell and Rammelsberg stenciled labeling was under the drawer.

    The only damage was an age shrink separation at the right just under the mirror from the platform to the mirror which I filled with colored wax as not to create a problem in the future with the wood moving.

    It sold it to a collector in south Florida at a reasonable price.

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