Rare Victorian - Kimbel & Cabus & Bembe, Oh My!

Kimbel & Cabus & Bembe, Oh My!

e969 12 710192 Kimbel & Cabus & Bembe, Oh My!

 Kimbel & Cabus & Bembe, Oh My!Sticking with the Kimbel and Cabus (and Bembe and Kimbel) theme as of late, here’s an interesting plantation desk form – one with a deep desk surface that when closed provides a tall mirrored front. With a desk of that depth, I would think two people could almost work together on that surface on either side (considering the dimunitive stature of people back then). The interior, with it’s height, provides shelving for books.

 Kimbel & Cabus & Bembe, Oh My!This desk is a signed (labeled) piece by Kimbel and Cabus. Learn more about them here and see some interesting pieces by them in the modern gothic style. Bidding on this desk starts at $500 and ends June 6th.

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