Rare Victorian - Gustave Herter Rosewood Chair

Gustave Herter Rosewood Chair

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 Gustave Herter Rosewood ChairFor those of you who like to buy pristine furniture with an impeccable finish which is ready to be placed in your home, this blog entry is not for you (nor was the last one for that matter). I’m fascinated by rare Victorian furniture (thus the blog name), whether it is showroom ready or not. I’m willing to send a piece that needs some love down to my favorite restoration shop and look forward seeing the piece come back to life with many more years to come.

This chair is attributed to Gustave Herter as being done before there was the famous Herter Brothers (which came to be in 1864). According to the seller, an identical chair is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and a similar chair in the Morse House Museum in Portland Maine.

There is a poor break/repair in one of the legs and some wood loss on one of the split hoof feet. Reupholstering will need to be done as well. You can buy it now for $3,000 and bidding ends May 28th. More pictures and detail here.

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