Rare Victorian - John Henry Belter Armchair Needs a Home

John Henry Belter Armchair Needs a Home


Excuse the humor in the title but since I usually post about extravagant high-end furniture in phenomenal condition, I thought I’d profile a famous-maker piece in need of some TLC. In this case we have a laminated Belter scroll pattern armchair. Aside from the obvious need for reupholstering, there appears to be some repairs or damage present such as an apparent break /repair in one of the arms from what I can tell from the picture.

Not all of us can afford a $25,000 Belter, so here’s an opportunity where if you have a local furniture repair/reupholster shop that you like, you can likely purchase a John Henry Belter armchair for your collection for a few hundred to several hundred dollars. Bidding starts at a mere $150 and expected range is $300 to $500. Listing is here.

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