Rare Victorian - R.J. Horner Winged Griffin 12 Foot Dining Table

R.J. Horner Winged Griffin 12 Foot Dining Table

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fo12 5 6a1 733948 R.J. Horner Winged Griffin 12 Foot Dining TableAs usual, Bradford’s Antiques has yet another great piece of R. J. Horner furniture for sale. This time it’s a 12 foot dining table with four 20″ leaves which are skirted and carved to match the carvings on the table top for the fully extended 12 foot length. I think this one is so grand I probably wouldn’t eat on it! Here are more details from the listing:

  • Quartersawn Oak Winged Griffin Dining Table
  • Circa 1890’s
  • Attributed to RJ Horner
  • Fantastic Table!
  • Four Standing Winged Griffins with Breast Plates
  • Bearded Griffins with Elaborate Pierce Carved Tails
  • Unusual Carved and flared Center Pedestal
  • Four Winged Claw Feet
  • Center Pedestal Opens to Expand the Table to over 12 feet!
  • The Center Pedestal Hides the Original Floating Center Leg.
  • The Table Comes with Four 20″ Leaves
  • Height: 31″ (loads of leg room)
  • Diameter: 60 inches
  • Lenght: 140 inches with 4 leaves
  • Maximum opening is 14 feet
  • This is the Very Best Griffin Table I have Seen to Date
  • The Table is in Mint Restored Condition

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  • patricia yeager - November 24, 2008

    Interested in this RJ Horner Winged Griffin 12 ft. Dining table. Is it still available? If so, what is the current price?

  • jodi - November 10, 2009

    Is it still available and at what price?

  • woodwright - November 11, 2009

    They do not have it listed on ebay at this time, but I believe it it still available on their website (Bradford’s Antiques Liberty Missouri – priced @ $14,500) here is the link to it http://bradfordsantiques.com/Victorian_Furnture/Dining_Room.htm Click on it (or paste it to your browser if it doesn’t work as a live link). woodwright

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