R. J. Horner Oak 12 Piece Dining Set

by John Werry on February 6, 2007

Up for sale is an R.J. Horner 12 pc. Oak Dining Room Set with a 60″ round split pedestal banquet table with leaves and full carved winged griffins. There is a matching sideboard, triple bow glass china and 8 dining chairs in mint condition according to the seller, Santa Margarita Auction Barn. Eight Chairs plus three pieces doesn’t add up to 12 total pieces so I will inquire as to how they are doing their math. Bidding starts at $100 but expected range is between $18,000 to $25,000. Since there aren’t numerous pictures for potential bidders to evaluate the set and a “governmentauction.com” sponsored sale might not draw a lot of the typical Horner bidders, you might get a bargain.

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