Rare Victorian - Modern Gothic Kimbel & Cabus Desk c.1870

Modern Gothic Kimbel & Cabus Desk c.1870

29948 773723 Modern Gothic Kimbel & Cabus Desk c.1870

29948 773723 Modern Gothic Kimbel & Cabus Desk c.1870My (Victorian Era) antique collection includes a mishmash of Rococo, Renaissance, Aesthetic, Elizabethan and Neo-Grec pieces, but I’m conspicuously missing Gothic. I’m a big fan of Gothic design, but I haven’t run across any pieces that were reasonably priced, locally accessible and don’t give my home that “am I at church?” feel. If I didn’t already have a Renny desk and no more room for others, I’d consider this one.

This desk is attributed to Kimbel & Cabus and knowing that the Metropolitan Museum of Art has an identical desk (save for oak vs. walnut), I feel the attribution on this piece to be fairly accurate. The listing ends March 5th and the buy-it-now price is $4,750.

More from the listing:

Our desk is Constructed of solid walnut with nice incised carving. This gothic aesthetic style desk was one of Kimbel & Cabus best sellers during the latter part of the 19th Century. The incised carving, gothic/aesthetic style, and fancy hardware are features that set them apart from the rest of the furniture makers. Just look at the fabulous incising on front and hinges! A really Cool piece of productive furniture. This piece of furniture is a fine example of a 19th Century Style that was so unique the Met has it on permanent display. See the last picture for the Met’s example of this fine piece. Additional pictures taken after we wiped the desk down with lemon oil thus the shine. Measurements: Approx 56 tall x 43 wide x 26 deep. Condition: Wear and imperfections are appropriate to the age of the piece. This desk has some wear from use but no damage that would take away from the value. It has all of the original hardware and finish. Finish is a bit worn but I would not do anything to it myself. I like my antiques to look like they were used. It has a great Antique look in its present condition. Shipping estimate: $475.

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